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We'll remove the bats for you!!

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Bat Removal

Bat Control

Tired of Unwanted Pests Damaging Your Home?

One of the first things people notice when they have bats is a rustling noise in their walls or ceiling. Once a bat makes its way into the house or leaves a disgusting mess in the attic, they've usually had enough and call us. Find out how we go about getting rid of bats and keeping them out.

Getting rid of bats actually involves two steps: bat removal and bat exclusion. This means we install equipment that works with the bats' natural habits to get them out of your house (the bat removal part). That same equipment works to prevent them from re-entering your home once they've gone (bat exclusion). Whether you have two bats flying through your child's bedroom at night or a colony of 200 in your attic, our bat removal and exclusion services will work to get rid of bats and keep them away permanently.

Bats create large roosting colonies inside the roofs of exposed buildings. The bats leave mass amounts of droppings which are unpleasant in odor and appearance, but more importantly are a major source of the respiratory disease histoplamosis. Bat removal involves carefully inspecting a building to find how the animals are using it and then setting up an exclusion system. Bats are not killed, exterminated, or trapped in this process..

Bat RemovalAt R House 2, we can get rid of your unwanted pests.

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The process is perfectly safe for you, your family, the integrity of your home and the bats.

Bat Facts

While 99% of all bats are rabies free, they still rank in the number three position behind raccoons and skunks for giving human beings rabies. It has been reported that during the past 20 years, there have been more human rabies cases that began with a bat bite in the United States than of any other wildlife group.

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