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Green Roofs

Centuries old, the roof garden concept has been most recently embraced in the United States. Both functional and aesthetically-appealing, this technology improves the structure's energy efficiency while adding plant life in populated areas.

Currently, the focus on improving the quality of life in urban environments has made these issues more pertinent than ever. Roof Gardens meet the objectives of many of the mandates to improve the air quality of cities by mitigating the effects of heat islands caused by ever increasing development. The benefits of the modern Roof Garden have been demonstrated by the US Green Building Council's endorsement of these systems through the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program.

home roof gardensAt R House 2, we use Carlisle's Roof Garden System which provide a variety of waterproofing options with a full line of accessories to insure a high performance system.

Buildings and hardscape surfaces make cities into giant, heat absorbing sinks, creating an "Urban Heat Island Effect" which contributes to air pollution, increased energy usage and heat-related illnesses. Lack of green space in cities means rainwater runoff carries contaminants from rooftops into our waterways, often releasing untreated sewage with it.

That's why we are committed to accelerating the installation of green roofs, lightweight roofing systems that support vegetation.

Our Green Roofs initiative provides developers, communities and government with modeling of green roof performance, materials and installation services.

Together, we can help our cities breathe easier.

green roof

Advantages of Roof Gardens

  • Reduces urban heat island effects

  • Storm water run-off management

  • Adds valuable/useable space providing economic benefits

  • Reduces rooftop noise infiltration by up to 40dB

  • Energy efficiency year-round

  • Air and water purification


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