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The most important part of the physical structure of your house is your roof. This part of the house is exposed to high winds, pouring rain, sleet and snow and therefore most susceptible to damage.

The roof of your house should be inspected after every winter to assess roof damage. Making this a habit will save you sudden unexpected expenses, that can arise from repairs that are need to repair a damaged roof. A well-maintained roof is the best protection that you can give the physical structure of your house.

Asphalt roofs are intended to last only for about 15 years. Roofs made of slate, clay and tile can last for longer only when well maintained. Experts have found that most owners do not inspect their roofs regularly.

Here are a few things that you should remember while inspecting your roof for damages:

  • Check if there any trees growing close to the roof. Trees can cause enormous amount of damage to the roof. Branches of trees that hang over the roof can break, puncture and damage the roofing material. Leaves can block the gutter system on the roof, allowing rainwater to collect and this can cause leaks in the attic. Keep the trees close to the roof trimmed at all times.
  • Check for black streaks or discoloration on the roof. This discoloration is a result of mold, algae or fungus growing. This is especially a problem when the humidity is high and on roofs that are in the shade for a long time. If the roof is not treated it can result in damage to the roofing material causing leaks in the house. Trim trees to increase air circulation and install zinc strips along the roof ridges. These strips form zinc oxide when they react with rainwater, which forms a protective coating, which prevents the growth of mold, fungus etc.
  • Over a period of time roofing material can get torn off or can get weak. This weak roofing material can get blown off by strong winds, thus making the home interiors vulnerable to water damage. While inspecting if you find that the roof is damaged then repair it immediately, as it will only get worse with time.